Algarve Pro Racing in Portugal Spain purchased the car from Oreca who ran it in the European Le Mans Series 2013. The car was sold to its current owner in the fall of 2014. It has been run in HSR, and SVRA events in 2015 and 2016.

This is not your ordinary LMPC with all the upgrades, development and testing made to the car since it was imported to the US. Some of the upgrades that were done include all new wiring from the ground up, engineered, installed and tested by David Decker at Precision Race Services, including an engine dyno test harness. The car is upgraded with a Motec M880 engine management system, including traction control, Motec C185 color display logger also comes equipped with full telemetry system. A full TPMS has been installed and added to the telemetry along with brake temp, wheel speed, damper position, gear position and push rod sensors on all four corners.

The original engine has been re-build and upgraded by Todd Hertel Engineering. A second identical matching spare engine has been built as well. Both engines have been dynoed and produce approximately 610HP. Both engines are fresh with 0 hours. The approximate life is 2000 miles with a rebuild cost of $9,500. The Xtrac gearbox has been upgrade to LMP2 spec’s to hold up to the extra 190hp.

The cooling system was also upgraded to C&R radiators for better efficiency. The oil heat exchanger has been upgraded to aircraft standards similar to current LMP1 cars.

The car comes with LMP2 aero upgrades creating both high and low downforce packages. The car comes with an extensive spars package that is comprised of new components or components rebuild in 01/2016 including:

  • New Suspension arms for all corners
  • Three complete uprights bolt on ready with new wheel bearings and hardware
  • All necessary upright servicing tools
  • Car set of dampers freshly rebuilt 2016
  • Large inventory of different springs, camber shims and bump rubbers
  • Alignment and setup bars
  • Brembo Brake rotors and pads mix of new and used
  • Car set of Brembo calipers freshly rebuilt 2016
  • 17 wheels
  • Gear sets all crack tested and cryo and rem treatment 2016
  • Xtrac gearbox housing with enough parts to build out a backup
  • Gearbox servicing tools
  • Megaline AGS system
  • Steering wheel with paddle shift assembly
  • Starter
  • Alternator
  • Steering rack
  • Two front splitters and crash box assembly
  • Two nose assemblies with lights and louvers
  • One spare engine cover
  • One spare Front floor
  • One spare Rear floor
  • Body repair panels
  • Rear wing
  • Dive Planes
  • Custom fit Car cover
  • Engine headers and tail pipes
  • Three spare radiators
  • Two sets of mufflers
  • Spare Battery 2014
  • Many miscellaneous small parts

The car is truly race ready as the current owner planned on running it in 2017. All systems have been upgraded and maintained to the highest standards by Pablo Bido at GMT Racing, programmed and engineered by Phil Bourne. It is the best LMPC car running today including current pro cars.


10th Jan 2017

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